Dangerous Changes: An Emily Lazzaro Mystery

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Joyce Strand - Author of The Jillian Hillcrest Mysteries

Joyce T Strand Mysteries

Joyce T. Strand writes contemporary and historical who-done-it mysteries that typically involve a murder or two, often a touch of romance, and always a few red herrings.

Jillian Hillcrest, a public relations executive at a Silicon Valley biotechnology company, or Brynn Bancroft, chief financial executive turned winemaker in the Sonoma valley—solve her contemporary mysteries.

Her novel, THE JUDGE’S STORY, is her first historical mystery. Set in a small California town (Ventura) in 1939, the novel features a California Superior Court Judge.

Although fiction, the Jillian Hillcrest and Brynn Bancroft mysteries are inspired by real California cases. She based THE JUDGE’S STORY, also fiction, on the memoir of a California Superior Court Judge (1941). THE REPORTER’S STORY is her second historical mystery and is set in 1912 San Francisco with a character inspired by a front-page reporter of the time.


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